SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® demonstrates efficacy across major components of COPD, with the greatest improvement seen in GOLD 2 and maintenance naïve patients.*1-4 SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® significantly improves lung function compared to monotherapies and placebo.1,2

Goals of COPD treatment

Goals in the treatment of COPD should be based on individualised assessments, as outlined in the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Disease (GOLD) 2017 Strategy Report.5​

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Reduction in breathlessness

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® provided a 52% improvement in breathlessness vs SPIRIVA® in GOLD 2-3 patients, and has been shown to reduce need for rescue medication salbutamol vs patients treated with SPIRIVA®.2,6

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Improved quality of life

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® provides significant improvements in quality of life vs SPIRIVA® and placebo in patients with moderate to severe COPD, with the greatest improvements in patients with GOLD B COPD.3

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Efficacy by patient type

All COPD patients qualifying for COPD maintenance therapy can receive benefits from using SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT®.1,2,6​

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Lung function improvements

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® demonstrated consistent lung function improvements versus monotherapy and placebo. Lung function improvements can be observed within 5 minutes of the first dose, lasting at least 24 hours.1-5

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Exacerbation risk reduction

COPD exacerbations were included as an additional endpoint in the pivotal 52-week trials with SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT®. While the studies were not specifically designed to evaluate the effect of the treatments on COPD exacerbations, there was a trend that SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® better reduced the risk of exacerbations than SPIRIVA®.1,6

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Efficacy versus other therapies

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® provided significant improvements in major clinical components of COPD over SPIRIVA®.  SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® has also demonstrated improvements in lung function across 24 hours compared to a LABA/ICS (salmeterol/fluticasone).7

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*without previous maintenance LAMA or LABA therapy


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