Improved quality of life

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® provides significant improvements in quality of life vs SPIRIVA® and placebo in patients with moderate to severe COPD. Improvements were even more apparent in patients with GOLD B COPD.

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® provides a clinically meaningful 4-point* quality of life improvement vs placebo in St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) total score.1,2

Domains of SGRQ included:3

  • Activities

  • Impact

  • Symptoms

SGRQ Total score after 12 weeks in patients at GOLD 21


Adapted from reference 1

SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® improves quality of life in GOLD B patients

The benefits of SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® vs SPIRIVA® on quality of life were most apparent in GOLD B patients.1,4

Improvement in SGRQ total score at 12 weeks between SPIOLTO® RESPIMAT® and SPIRIVA® in patients with GOLD A-D COPD

Adapted from reference 1


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